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Primary School: Kindergarten-2nd Grade

Primary School: Kindergarten-2nd Grade

Beginning in Kindergarten, children enter into the Primary program at St. Mary of the Angels School.

Goal-Oriented Responsibility: Teachers work with parents to identify and set age-appropriate responsibility goals reflective of the child’s particular needs and strengths, leading the child to be self-motivated and self-directed.

Learning-Together Environment: A Bright & Cheerful Home! Every part of our learning environment fosters a spirit of home, family, warmth, support, encouragement and authentic love. We encourage students to be sincere, honest and kind in their work, play and in their friendships with other students. As children feel welcomed, comfortable and safe they develop an enthusiasm for going to school. Our trusting and secure setting fosters strong friendships where students help each other and support those who may be experiencing difficulty in a particular subject.

Curriculum: St. Mary of the Angels School offers a classical curriculum in:

  • Reading & Literacy
  • Grammar & Composition
  • Greek & Latin Roots
  • Directed Readings & Literature
  • Social Studies & Geography
  • American & World History
  • Math Instruction: Ready Math, including i-Ready & IXL for K-6th Grade
  • Science Instruction: Lab Learners Integrated Science/STEM

These are supplemented with:

  • Spanish
  • Studio Art
  • Music Instruction
  • Physical Education

Assessing Academic Needs & Progress: Teachers and administration utilize standardized testing and assessments as tools to evaluate students’ growth, adjusting lessons to their needs. We emphasize collaboration and gift-of-self, which result in happy, confident students, who are motivated to learn and are able to achieve even higher academic proficiency and test results so as to better serve others with their talents.

    • i-Ready Assessments begin in Kindergarten and is done each quarter for all students grades K-8.
    • Write up of test scores/improvement

Summer Reading Lists: Summer time is a great time for continued learning! We encourage all students to complete suggested summer reading in order to prepare for the coming school year. We also hope to instill a love & joy of reading, one that will last a lifetime. 

Technology: Recognizing the importance of technology in our world, St. Mary of the Angels School is committed to providing access to the latest technology to all students. Every classroom, PreK-8th grade is outfitted with Promethean Board technology, providing an interactive technological tool compatible with our updated curriculum in Math, Science, Language Arts and language. Students use classroom computers and Chromebook/iPad Carts for assessments, research projects, differentiated instruction tools and exploration.