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Parent & School Association

The mission of St. Mary of the Angels PSA is to build a strong Parent-School community.

Parent & School Association

What is the St. Mary of the Angels (SMA) Parent and School Association (PSA)?

The mission of St. Mary of the Angels PSA is to build a strong Parent-School community. Therefore PSA takes the primary responsibility of organizing and sponsoring the events and programs that help in creating and strengthening such community. The Association provides an opportunity for parents to connect, make friends, learn more about what is going on at the school, support new families or families in crisis and much more!

It is a proven fact that when there is a high level of parental involvement in a school, the student’s results are better. Building a strong community requires a ‘hub’ and Parent and School Association is well placed to take on this role at St. Mary of the Angels.

Parent and School Association Membership: 

All parents, by virtue of their children attending St. Mary of the Angels, are members of the PSA.

PSA encourages families to pay an annual due of $50.00 per family.

Each year, we count on every family to support our association as dues are a major funding source for our school events. Last year with your help PSA was able to sponsor a school-wide field trip to see the movie “Wonder”, Teacher Appreciation Week, several social events, and much more! Thank you for helping the Parent and School Association become a success! Thank you!

Calling All Parents! 

  • Back-to-School BBQ
  • Fall Movie Night
  • Middle School Social
  • Daddy Daughter Dance
  • St. Nicholas Day
  • Santa Brunch
  • Las Posadas
  • Mother/Son Outing
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Year-End School Picnic
  • Fall School Book Fair
  • Spring School Book Fair

St. Mary of the Angels School, Parent and School Association welcomes your involvement, whether you’re a new or continuing parent volunteer, we ask for your help! Each year, we depend on your generous participation as parent involvement is essential for the success of the Parent and School Association. We thank you for your continued support and invite you to consider how you can volunteer.

Please review the volunteer opportunities suggested above and contact one of our PSA Board Members if you’re interested in getting involved.